LEAPWORK For Automation

LEAPWORK is a tool sophisticated enough to handle data-driven HR & Accounting process automation but simple enough to be owned by your existing business analysts.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of manual business processes through the use of intelligent robots. These robots are developed and coded to mimic human actions within a user interface and are being rapidly adopted by HR and Accounting professionals to reduce data-errors and streamline processes so that employees spend less time entering and maintaining data and more time interpreting and generating value. Until recently the development and maintenance of RPA tools had been expensive and required heavy involvement from IT professionals with coding knowledge. LEAPWORK is a next generation, intelligent automation tool that eliminates the need for IT development and coding, empowering the business user to create automation workflows in a code-free interface.

Why we recommend LEAPWORK

Implementing automation into your business can be very difficult, but LEAPWORK eliminates those barriers by utilizing visual building blocks instead of ordinary programming. These are some of the benefits that LEAPWORK will bring to your business:

  • Data driven and easy to learn and use
  • 100% auditable
  • Reduces potential for human error
  • Solutions are owned by the business, not IT – there is no need to hire developers because a regular business user, who is already familiar with the process, can build the automation flow
  • Requires minimal maintenance and IT involvement
  • Can replace some integrations at low cost and be used for data-validation
  • Can perform data manipulation in the live production environment
  • Easy to implement and get started
  • Reduces manual processes
  • Totally code free

Our Approach

Ibza Consulting is a licensed LEAPWORK reseller and provides professional services by certified LEAPWORK consultants that take a start-to-finsih approach with your team.

We streamline the installation of software and training of your employees so that you can hit the ground running.

We will bring our knowledge and experience to help identify the best targets that have a lot of potential for automation. We will help with installation and setup the initial automation with the end goal to make your team self sufficient enough to be able to troubleshoot problems and create new cases on your own in the future.

Beyond that we provide a set of Workday® specific automation flows and experienced help when you are creating your own flows along with providing a number of specific example test cases and job aids about how to use LEAPWORK with Workday® which we will provide for free.

Our in depth knowledge of both LEAPWORK and Workday® will ensure that you start your RPA journey with your best foot forward.

Reach Us

If you are looking for consultants that will help you automate repetitive processes and provide knowledge to you to become an expert yourself, then Ibza Consulting is your solution.

For more information about how LEAPWORK can improve your business download our White Paper.