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mobilePLUS & Workday®

A Mobile Data Capture Solution

What is mobilePLUS?

mobilePLUS is a complete asset inventory capability for use with Workday® Financial Management. This mobile-based solution meets the challenge many teams face when trying to effectively track items and conduct periodic inventories for analysis, reporting, operational planning and more.

Some organizations still leverage the traditional paper list & clipboard approach to asset inventories. Even when done thoroughly, this process is time consuming. And there still remains the risk of data entry issues once their inventory results are recorded in Workday®.

Other organizations have purchased or built their own apps for their staff to use on cell phones or with other devices. Many of these record a count – but don’t capture any information about the condition/location/operability of the asset. These also often have a challenge in trying to get that count data or results off that device and securely into Workday®.

mobilePLUS is a comprehensive solution that provides the User with an intuitive, automated way to capture inventory count – as well as current information regarding those assets. mobilePLUS can then electronically communicate what Users find to Workday®.

How can mobilePLUS Support Your Workday®Solution?


Enables Your Team to do More: mobilePLUS is a complete solution that, like Workday®, was built to go anywhere. The mobilePLUS architecture enables your team to use a wide variety of mobile devices to automate the capture of asset data with barcodes, RFID tags &/or intuitive screen entry. Your users aren’t restricted to where there is a network connection either. mobilePLUS was designed to operate anywhere your assets are stored – regardless of network availability.

Expands & Streamlines Your Data Capture: Even the best data entry technicians make mistakes. Scanning linear barcodes is up to 40x faster than manual data entry – and 10,000x more accurate. Scanning 2-D barcodes exponentially expands the amount of data that can be captured in a single scan. RFID allows you to capture information on assets where you may not even have a clear line of sight. Combine all of that with an automated communication of data from mobilePLUS to Workday®, and you ensure that your complete asset data can be trusted as accurate – a critical component to your analysis, reporting and planning activities.

Adapts with Your Changing Business:: The mobilePLUS architecture was designed with change and growth in mind. mobilePLUS is highly configurable – without having to bring in your IT department to get it done. Maybe you want to expand your mobile device pool or mix Android and Windows operating systems or add RFID. Maybe your department would like to capture and manage items that are important to you – but aren’t required by your organization for reporting to Workday®. mobilePLUS can quickly be updated to accommodate those needs and more. Our switch-based configuration tools will allow you to quickly change and adapt your solution without trying to get on your IT department calendar or hiring expensive resources.

How can mobilePLUS Support Your Workday®Solution?


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  • Extends the reach of your Workday® asset inventory activities to wherever your assets actually reside – regardless of the availability of network connections
  • Users are given an easy way to capture current information regarding assets via barcodes, RFID tags or screen entry
  • Data captured is communicated seamlessly by leveraging Workday’s public APIs to ensure that the data collected is accurate and timely
  • Works with a large selection of Windows 10 and Android mobile handheld scanners and tablets to meet a variety of environment needs
  • Ability to expand audit and inventory capabilities outside of only those required by your Workday® reporting


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  • Pre-configurable with your Workday® tenant and financial data model
  • Web-based communication for all Users with your existing IIS Server
  • Supports different tagging / labeling options – from basic barcodes to 2D labels to RFID – to a complete mix of all three
  • Can frequently use equipment already in use in your operations


  • Complements your team’s existing Workday® solution and analytics tools
  • Provides an easy method to create jobs and reconcile inventory results
  • Packaged approach for quick implementation & ongoing support
  • Extends the investment benefits of existing mobile equipment, databases, systems, networks already in use
  • Different configurations can be provided to different locations to meet location-specific needs
  • Common solution for easy administration / training / data reporting
Where do I start?

The mobilePLUS bundle for use with Workday® provides all of the components – hardware / software / services / support – for implementing a solution in your environment. Combining your existing resources – databases, networks, data/network security policies – and the mobilePLUS solution, you will be able to get started automating your inventory tasks within days – not months.

This pre-configured and bundled capability allows for a rapid implementation with low organizational investment, staff disruption and risk. And the faster you can conduct accurate inventories – the faster you’ll be generating accurate data for your financial analysis, reports and other planning tasks.

Want to know more?

In addition to Inventory, there are many tracking challenges that can benefit from using mobilePLUS. Operations Planning, Labeling, RFID, Location Readiness, and Surveys, are just some of the areas where mobilePLUS can help.

And here are some organizations that have had Successes with the mobilePLUS solution.

While this information gives you a quick idea of what mobilePLUS is all about – we’d like to hear about what your specific data and tracking challenges are and how we may be able to help. Just email us at and let’s talk.

mobilePLUS has been designed to be compatible with Workday® Financial Management public web service APIs. mobilePLUS has no affiliation with Workday® and they have not evaluated any compatibility claims made in this document.

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